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Brand Protection

Brand Protection

We are the digital guardians of your brand

Ok, we’re not superheroes, but we’re close – especially when it comes to protecting and upholding the virtues of your brand. With affiliate marketing becoming such an important part of a business’s marketing strategy, we are seeing a growing concern with regards to how effectively companies are able to protect their brand.

Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing industry – anyone with a social profile can potentially become a brand advocate, influencer or indeed a detractor – so it’s more important than ever right now to build brand protection into your Affiliate Marketing strategy.

Although we can’t police the entire internet by visiting each site individually (we’re only human after all), we are able to put sophisticated systems in place that help you do exactly that and make sure your brand is presented in the best light possible, wherever it is being used by Affiliates.

You don’t want to restrict the ability of your affiliates to make money by imposing strict regulations on them but at the same time you have to ensure they are all working from the same page and sticking to your company ideals.

We make sure all Affiliates can recite your brand guidelines as well as you can – and hold them to adhering to them as part of the Affiliate Recruitment and approval processes. We also perform regular checks to double-check that your brand is being represented exactly as it should be. We cherry-pick exactly the right bloggers, influencers and high quality affiliates – from our extensive network of publishing contacts – that will work best for your brand.

Are you taking a costly risk with your brand reputation?

If you’re running an Affiliate Program without brand protection, you could be taking a huge risk.

Once something potentially damaging has been put out there, it can be very hard to take it back. We advise all businesses not to leave it to chance when it comes to managing their brand’s reputation.

Here’s why:

  • Your brand logo could be displayed alongside inappropriate adult content
  • Your products could be offered for sale alongside counterfeit items or scams
  • Or publishers could be using your brand on sites where intrusive pop-ups, spam emails and other alienating techniques are used to hard-sell products and services, ruining your hard-earned rep

All of these things can hugely damage the perception of your brand, in the minds of potential customers, and you may never get another opportunity to make a good first impression.

Our experienced team of experts are able to consistently monitor on-going publisher activity across multiple programs in order to uphold your company’s ethical standards, ensuring that your brand maintains a good reputation.

How brand protection will increase your revenue

Brand protection not only makes sure that your brand isn’t being used in a negative way, but there are numerous other positive benefits that will ultimately result in increased revenue from your affiliate program, too, such as:

✔ Getting your brand seen by the right audience

✔ Targeted discussion with appropriate Affiliates – engaging with the correct audience

✔ More “good” brand awareness across key publishers and influencers in your sector

✔ More “reach” for your brand – via luxury-focussed Affiliates who have thousands of followers

✔ Confidence that you have an ‘extension of your marketing team’ working with your Affiliates

Silverbean’s passionate approach to protecting your brand

When you appoint us to handle your Affiliate Brand Protection, your business will benefit from our extensive Affiliate Marketing experience – having worked for luxury brands like Lulu Guinness, Charlotte Tilbury and oki-ni over the past decade and beyond, we have acquired  considerable expertise in this department  and know exactly how to manage your companies best interests when it comes to brand protection.

During this time, we’ve cultivated relationships with some of the top Affiliate publishers, bloggers and influencers in the industry, which we quickly utilise to help you hit ambitious sales targets and on-site objectives.

We also ensure that regular checks of the affiliates, bloggers and influencers you choose to work with are carried out on a weekly basis. This includes adding brand guidelines to your chosen affiliate network, and ensuring they are consistently available to review.

Being on top of how your brand is being represented by outside influencers and affiliates is paramount to your overall success as a business. Quite often though, time or resources can prevent you being able to carry out these tasks.

That’s where we come in; we have a team of experienced staff who work around the clock making sure your brand is being represented in the right way – taking the time to really get to know and understand all aspects of your business so we can ensure its continued success.


Need an Affiliate partner who'll always have your brand's back?

Silverbean to the rescue.

Talk to us now to find out how we can help you uphold the imperative values of your brand with our Affiliate Brand Protection service.