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If you’ve successfully conquered the UK market, and you’re keen to expand your Affiliate Marketing Programme internationally, the dedicated team of experts at Silverbean can help you. 

Targeting international countries doesn’t have to be daunting. Continue the success you’ve achieved in the UK with an international Affiliate Programme. The value of a strong network of affiliates to help you promote your business in a new country is immeasurable.

Before you decide on a strategy, it’s important to consider each international market is different. One size never fits all. In order to make it successful, subtle regional variations in language, programme structure and communication preference need to be considered.

Your international Affiliate Programme needs to reflect the different target audiences you’re trying to appeal to

Success in the UK doesn’t always translate well for an international audience. But it can with help from the experts at Silverbean. We advise you on the significant differences that will dramatically affect your Affiliate Programme:

  • Specific Affiliate Networks work best in different countries.
  • The US love coupons and voucher codes, much more so than other countries.
  • There are significant differences in shopping habits, annual holidays and seasonal celebrations from country to country.

All of these factors, and more, need to be carefully considered to guarantee your successful global expansion.

This is where our expert knowledge in the International Affiliate Marketing sector, and our network of global partners, can make the biggest difference to your growth plans.

Getting it wrong can be an expensive mistake

International Affiliate Marketing has the capacity to grow your revenue by 200 to 400%. However, a poor strategy that doesn’t take into account the differences in each market can quickly become a costly mistake.

Create a profitable global presence for your business

You may a household name in the UK, but if you want to grow your brand, it’s vital to reach out to customers in other countries. The first step to conquering new international markets is to create a strong, positive presence for your brand.

By utilising the services of our Affiliate International Expansion team, you’ll have the chance to:

✔ Choose the best Affiliate Networks to work with in your chosen location(s)

✔ Understand the shopping habits and communication preferences of international users

✔ Convert Affiliate content into appropriate languages (using native speakers)

✔ Setup a tailor-made Affiliate Programme for each country you want to target

✔ Recruit new Affiliates/ Publishers in your chosen locations


It doesn’t matter if you wish to target one or 100 countries, we treat each country as a separate project. This location-specific strategy helps us  get the best results for our multinational clients.

Affiliate Marketing has grown to become an established component of the online marketing mix. As leaders in the field, we understand the importance of being able to use Affiliate Marketing channels to successfully grow your business in international markets.

When you appoint us to handle your international expansion, we set up individual country Affiliate Programmes. This allows us to effectively track traffic and sales in the correct currency and engage with affiliates and publishers in their native languages using preferred communication methods.

As a result, this means you can capitalise on key annual holidays and seasonal celebrations that differ from country to country with various offers and promotions. We produce a recruitment plan for each of the markets you want to target, taking into account key affiliates and affiliate types in each new territory.

We’re already working on Affiliate Marketing Programmes in the US, Canada, Germany and Australia, and many other countries across the globe. Here at Silverbean we believe it’s vital to build strong working relationships with key affiliate networks.

This experience helped us gather useful insights into local knowledge, exposure opportunities and audience influencers across the globe, all of which we can use to your advantage.

There is no other Affiliate Marketing agency in the UK better equipped to handle your international expansion plans.

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