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New business enquiries: 0191 260 0716

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New business enquiries:

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0191 406 1200

Pay Per Click


Digital Matters

Our team of PPC experts talk about how you can use paid search strategies to reach new customers. From Google and Bing to social ads and Google Shopping, the team explain how PPC can help address slow business growth and enhance brand awareness and visibility.


We work closely with you to understand your customer journey and set clear objectives, so that you are clear on the progress of your campaigns.

Allow us to introduce you to your new audience

We’ll introduce your brand to new audiences, and analyse your current following and purchaser characteristics to find more customers fitting a similar profile.

We’ll promote sales and offers to your previous website visitors and loyal fan-base to maximise returns and boost brand loyalty.

We’ll help establish your brand as a personable and interesting profile to Like, Follow and Share.

We’ll put your brand in the spotlight.

What are you waiting for? Your audience is ready to get involved

GWI (Global Web Index) and many other independent studies report that the time we spend on social media is rising. In fact, 93% of people worldwide have at least one social media account.

Social media is no longer just a means to socialise and connect with friends, relatives and business contacts. Social media is now an integrated part of our daily lives. We use it to read the news and find new products and services, and it’s fast becoming the medium of choice to contact customer services.

So if you want to stay in the hearts and minds of your followers, a social strategy that captures attention and complements your traditional search and display campaigns is key.

Who can ignore the cost-effective opportunity of your customers marketing your brand for you when they buy into your messages and share them with their personal networks? Before that viral snowball effect can occur, you need to invest in getting your messages in front of your priority customers.

And that’s where Paid Social campaigns can make the difference.

It’s a delicate balancing act, however it’s important to make sure you’re not ‘interrupting’ users with hard-sell promotional ads, but adding value with targeted ads. We call this ‘Return on Attention‘.

You only get one chance to make a great first impression.

Get your brand noticed on Social Media

Our Paid Social campaigns don’t just deliver against objectives and targets, you’ll also be able to:

✔ Promote previously viewed products via dynamic remarketing.

✔ Introduce your brand to a new audience with a low cost per click.

✔ Reinvigorate existing customer relationships.

✔ Support onsite and instore sales and events with timely marketing messages.

✔ Create a network of satisfied users who trust your brand and are more likely to purchase.

And, reach bigger and better audiences – as well as captivating your existing customers.

Contact Us

New business enquiries: 0191 283 6988

General enquiries: 0191 448 7552