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Content Optimisation

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘content optimisation’ more times than you care to remember. Right?

Yes, us too.

We’re big advocates for providing useful content, but too many marketers take ‘Content is King!’ too literally and mistakenly produce content for content’s sake. As a result, their content strategies are very simplistic, with little imagination invested into the usefulness of the content. Many are then left bitterly disappointed with the results.

There is true value in content when it comes to promoting your website. However there is a caveat to every marketer’s favourite saying, which is that brilliantly-engaging, share-worthy content must be optimised, if you want it to take off.

It’s no longer enough to just be creating good content. If you want to make a noise, increase brand visibility and engage your target audience, your digital content also needs to tick all the boxes for content optimisation.

When we say optimisation, we do not mean keyword stuffing or any of the underhand  tactics that are considered – by the poorly informed – to be the pinnacle of search engine optimisation, either. We produce  engaging content which is optimised to increase your organic visibility and is actually useful to users.

Google isn’t stupid. Neither are your visitors.

If you want your site to get slapped with a penalty, the fastest way to do it is to try and outwit the search engines with misguided approaches to optimisation, in an attempt to shortcut your way to the top of the search page.

The quickest way to switch off potential customers is to provide them with useless content that is unnaturally stuffed full of keywords and written with search engines in mind, instead of the user.

There is a happy medium where you can provide users with engaging content, but present it in a format that is easy for Google to access quickly, too.

So if you’re working with an agency that is still advising you to produce content which overuses keywords, and proclaims to know the secret to SEO, it’s probably time to switch things up, before they land you in hot water.

Good content optimisation requires skill and sensibility, not secret tricks or reckless tactics.

Raise your content optimisation game

Content Optimisation works in tandem with the Technical aspects of search engine optimisation, Mobile and Local search, and Content Outreach to elevate your organic search performance to previously unimaginable levels.

More specifically, content optimisation focuses on making sure your website has a sufficient quantity of high quality, well-optimised text content to:

✔ Boost your organic search visibility
✔ Optimise internal linking and content structure
✔ Increase organic traffic to your key category, product or information pages
✔ Make key pages visible and discoverable – by users and the search engines
✔ Address users’ needs and intent, so they’re more likely to convert and return to the site
✔ Improve relevancy and visibility for key topics and keyphrases
✔ Build trust in your brand through more engaged and satisfied users

Allowing you to take your content from good to great.


Content optimisation is fundamental to search performance and it’s one of the most important aspects of search engine optimisation.

Our approach to good content optimisation focuses on building a tailored content strategy for your business. We link to wider marketing objectives to create engagement by delivering valuable content that addresses your specific users’ needs.

We work hard to improve your site’s relevancy by creating topical hubs around key topics that strengthen your brand’s authority and significantly increase traffic.

Optimising your content and perfecting plans and schedules to create high quality, share-worthy posts is key to the service we deliver.

We optimise your existing site content by improving internal links and introducing relevant keyphrases to maximise search performance in a natural way which is user-friendly.

It is also important that we identify new opportunities for on-site content to better fulfill your user’s needs and lead them on the path to purchase or conversion.


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