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New business enquiries: 0191 260 0716

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New business enquiries:

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Search Engine Optimisation


Consumer searches using mobile devices have exceeded the number of searches conducted on a desktop, and we expect that these numbers will continue to grow.

With the growth of mobile searches, consumer expectations are growing at an equally fast pace. It’s no longer enough to offer a ‘mobile-friendly’ version of your main site; you now need to delight users with a mobile experience that’s seamless and user-friendly.

Mobile experience begins before users even reach your site – when they set out to find a business, a product or a service, just like yours.

So wherever you are on the mobile optimisation curve, whether you’re just starting out with a mobile-optimised site, or you’re ready to step up and take your mobile offering further, mobile search has never been more important to your success.

If you ignore mobile search, your popularity will nose-dive

It might seem like we’re being dramatic, but blissful ignorance about the importance of mobile search could turn out to be the equivalent of commercial suicide for your business.

Unless you move it to the forefront of your digital strategy, giving equal importance to both desktop AND mobile search, you could be heading for a quick descent.

Google has already started making regular algorithm updates that prioritise sites based on their usability and overall mobile experience, with further changes expected. In fact, in October 2015, Google announced that for the first time ever, mobile searches had surpassed desktop searches. In a world where there are more mobile devices than actual humans, this isn’t surprising to us.

If your mobile site doesn’t come up to scratch, you can expect search visibility and organic traffic to hurtle towards ground zero.

Keep your mobile visibility moving in an upward trajectory

Optimising your site’s search visibility with mobile search is one of the most effective ways to boost website traffic, improve search positioning and increase brand awareness. You can expect conversions rates to increase dramatically, too, creating positive brand associations in the minds of mobile users who enjoy using your site on their mobile devices. Your bottom line will also benefit from being able to:

  • Boost mobile search rankings
  • Reach a larger audience of prospective customers
  • Provide a great user experience with Accelerated Mobile Pages and improve site speed
  • Keep mobile visitors engaged on your site to increase conversions and/ or return visits
  • Encourage conversions from users on the go, using micro-moment mapping


Our expertise in mobile optimisation, and the enviable mobile search results we achieve for our clients, is based on many years of experience in the SEO field, using a tried and tested but progressive approach that is designed to move you up to where you want to be.

Our strategy for each client is different, but the objective is always the same: to match your business aims with the needs of your site’s users. That’s why we begin the creation of your mobile marketing strategy with thorough research into how we can effectively help you reach out to new users, as well as keeping existing customers coming back.

We can help you give your mobile users a conversion-generating browsing experience that will set you apart from the competition and engage potential customers to support them through every stage of their journey and the mobile buying cycle. By providing the very best experience for your mobile users, you can guarantee that this ever-growing group of consumers – of over 4.5 billion users – get what they need, when they need it, when interacting with your brand from their mobile device.

Leading to more traffic, more conversions, and long-term protection for the viability of your online business, our mobile search service encompasses the following activities to help boost your mobile search rankings and mobile conversions:

  • Technical support for the implementation of a mobile-optimised website
  • Consultation to help increase the speed of your mobile site and introduce Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Customer journey and micro-moment analysis to identify how your mobile site can satisfy user needs
  • Content marketing strategies specifically tailored around mobile users, to deliver on their micro-moments
  • Monitoring of mobile performance and analytics reporting and future activity recommendations
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