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Is your website operating like a well-oiled machine that’s continually ranking and delivering great results, or is it lagging behind and under-performing?

The way your website functions on a technical level, also known as Technical SEO, is extremely important to the overall search visibility, and usability, of your website. If you consistently want to rank well, technical SEO should be as strong a consideration as on-site content and outreach.

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Pay attention to the technical and Google will <3 you

If you’re working hard to move your website up the ranks, you could be forgiven for thinking that the robots are plotting against you, because nothing seems to be working.

You need to remember that the main aim of Google – and other search engines – is to make the user’s experience as positive as possible. They’re not intentionally trying to make your job as difficult as possible (or wind you up!); they’re just focusing on the user.

If you get your technical SEO right, you’ll indirectly make your users’ experiences great, too, which will ultimately lead to happier website visitors and more sales.

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t a dark art – even though many so-called experts will tell you it is. There’s no black magic or secret tricks involved.

However, there are some sensible updates you can make to your site and optimisation strategies you can employ, with our help, to help move you up to a more competitive, and undoubtedly more lucrative, position.

You’ll also find yourself in Google’s good books, which is always nice.

Stop bumping along the bottom

If you’ve been trying to improve your organic search results for some time, either independently or with another agency, and you’re doing everything right but your site is still not ranking well, something (probably quite simple) is clearly wrong.

Flipping this scenario on its head, just imagine how much revenue you could redirect to your business with a more user-friendly, better performing website and improved search results.

Structure your site for search (and sales) success

If your site is underperforming in the organic search results, we can quickly help you increase traffic with Paid Search; this is a useful strategy for tactical campaigns to improve performance and directly influence sales. Ideally, you need to have a strong organic search presence too, so you’re not haemorrhaging money on paid campaigns just to get hits on your website.

When you use the two together, that’s when the real magic happens.

If the technical side of your site isn’t right, then once again the money you’re investing in PPC won’t get you the desired results either, because your website usability will remain poor, your user experience low and your sales figures equally dismal.

By proactively tackling the technical aspects of your search engine optimisation and improving the structure of your website, you will:

✔ Increase search (and brand) visibility
✔ Improve organic search positions – for a wide range of relevant terms
✔ Increase website traffic, from more relevant users
✔ Improve your users’ experience
✔ Boost click-through and conversion rates


You probably think you’ve met an SEO Geek before, right? Wrong. You’ve seen nothing until you step inside the Silverbean offices: our team of Search Engine Optimisation experts are something else.

Although they can out-geek some of the most highly regarded names in the SEO industry, they’re also talented marketers who understand the theory behind search engine marketing and why the business case for better search performance is so strong.

When you appoint us to handle the technical aspects of your search engine optimisation strategy, we perform a technical health check on your website, which looks at over 130 different search ranking factors to better understand the issues that are affecting your search performance.

We then outline the issues, explain the reasons why they’re impacting on your results, and highlight the opportunities for growth which would arise from fixing the sticking points.

Once we’ve agreed on a forward strategy, we then work with your developers to:

✔ Address technical issues, server-level functions and re-directions – to widen your search visibility
✔ Correct poorly-coded pages and the structure of your website – for better search positioning
✔ Increase the speed and response times of your site – to improve usability and user experience
✔ Identify and remove duplicate content – to prevent your site being downgraded

We will also do whatever else is required, as defined in the research stage, to expertly improve your search results and overall performance.

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